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Cancer Companions Fellowship Ministry

Cancer Companions Fellowship Ministry


Have you or someone you love been impacted by cancer?  The St. Paul Cancer Companions Christian Fellowship Ministry is here to provide encouragement and hope to those who are impacted by cancer.  This ministry offers support groups, individual support, and resources to help navigate the cancer journey.  For more information about our ministry and how we can help please call the church office at 847-255-0332 and someone from the Cancer Companions Fellowship Ministry will contact you.


Support Group/Book Study

Our support group is lead by several very caring members that have completed training in the Cancer Companions program developed by Karen Tripp, MS LMFT.  Our small group setting provides an opportunity to meet others going through similar situations and develop relationships with those who can relate to your struggle.  During our meetings we will work through an in-depth study to help you draw closer to God and allow Him to draw near to you as well.  This study is based on a book written by Karen Tripp called, “Seeing God in Your Cancer Journey”.  Most importantly though, we are hoping to help you through your personal cancer experience.  God doesn’t want you to go through this battle on your own.  He wants to join with you and be with you each step of the journey.   Click on the links below to watch a short video from the author and a sample of the video series used during group sessions.  All materials for this program will be provided at no cost.  Call the church office (847-255-0332) for more information and to register.

(Video Links).

Author, Karen Tripp:

Sample of video series:


Individual Support

Our ministry also offers care that is more personal and individualized to meet your needs.  You can meet privately, and with complete confidentiality, with a caring team member who is willing to listen to the struggles and difficulties you are experiencing.  Our ministry has many members that have experienced similar battles, either with their own cancer, or through the cancer of a loved one.  They have been lifted up and encouraged by others during that difficult time and now would like to have the opportunity to help and encourage you.  If you would like to talk with one of our members about this individualized approach and the support and resources that are available please contact the church office and a team member will return your call.

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