Sunday School Fun!

//Sunday School Fun!

Sunday School Fun!

“Learning a Bible story is more fun when we get to act it out.”

The story was Lazarus.  After reading the story to them, we role played!

Ryan Herbener was our Jesus and had to stay in the corner. Reilly Wood and Eva Strong were our Mary & Martha.Mike was our Lazarus.  He got sick.  Mary and Martha went to Jesus standing in the corner and told him to come because Lazarus is sick, and they went back to Lazarus without Jesus.  Lazarus died.  We wrapped him up in toilet paper. Then we all pretended to cry. Jesus (Ryan H.) came then, and was told he was too late and he cried too. Then he prayed to God, told Lazarus to come out, and we tore off all the toilet paper!
SO!!!   MUCH!!!!   FUN!!!!

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