Mission Trip to Baton Rouge

//Mission Trip to Baton Rouge

Mission Trip to Baton Rouge

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In late September, eight members of our congregation served in Baton Rouge, Louisiana helping families recover from the floods in August. The group was split into two teams and sent to various homes that had experienced flooding…some with 4 feet of water in them. The mold in the homes was significant – it hung like stalactites or black blotches on the walls. The teams wore charcoal masks and eye protectors at all times while working. The masks made it a little hard to breath in the 90 degree heat!

Our team gutted 5 homes in 3 days — this required the removal of all the drywall, appliances, bathroom and kitchen fixtures and cabinetry. In addition, the team moved personal belongings out of 2 homes and into storage areas, then built several more bunk beds at camp so that it can sleep more mission trip workers in the future (50 now). The homeowners are all exhausted and weary, but exceptionally grateful for the church sending representatives to help. After one resident saw her home cleared and gutted, she told the team, “I now have hope.” Though there is very little inside the house except for the studs, it looks clean compared to the previously moldy walls. Initially, she had been trying to do the work all alone. In addition to helping with the homes, we prayed with the homeowners each day and lent an ear when they recounted stories of the difficulties they had experienced. We praise God for the opportunity to be His hands and feet in an area which has been much distressed.

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