Sometimes, living in this sinful world brings deep pain and prolonged suffering to our lives. It is during these times that we can often feel isolated and alone in facing our struggles. Our merciful Savior calls on us to bear one another’s burdens [Galatians 6:2] and tenderly invites us to cast our burdens on Him [Psalm 55:22 ]. If you are in a situation where you could benefit from counsel and support, our pastoral staff stands ready to provide care and guidance. When needed, we can also provide referral to a qualified professional Christian counselor. Always feel free to schedule a confidential appointment with our pastoral staff.

Cancer Companions

Cancer Companions Fellowship Ministry

Have you or someone you love been impacted by cancer?  The St. Paul Cancer Companions Christian Fellowship Ministry is here to provide encouragement and hope to those who are impacted by cancer.  This ministry offers support groups, individual support, and resources to help navigate the cancer journey.  For more information about our ministry and how we can help please call the church office at 847-255-0332 and someone from the Cancer Companions Fellowship Ministry will contact you. Click on the link below for more information.