baptism1Scripture calls Baptism a second birth and the creation of a brand-new life begun in Christ. By preparing to bring your child to be baptized you are taking the most important step in raising your child in the Christian faith. Baptism is not just plain water, but it is the water included in God’s command and combined with God’s Word. Saint Paul’s pastoral staff performs baptisms for both church family members and non-members. Non-members are asked to meet with a pastor before the baptism takes place. For more information, contact the Church Office.


It is quite possible that the phrase “church membership” may be confusing and may even sound threatening to you. Thoughts of health clubs, exclusive sports clubs, or perhaps even warehouse discount store memberships come to mind where “membership” is the only way inside. At Saint Paul Lutheran Church that is not at all what we mean by “membership.” Rather, we want to encourage you to “try us out” wherever you like. Whether that means attending a large or small group Bible study or singing in the choir, serving the community through one of our ministries, or simply worshiping with us regularly, we are excited to have you here! You don’t need to become a member to begin growing in your relationship with Jesus!

However, when it becomes clear that Saint Paul Lutheran Church is the place you want to call “home” then you have begun to understand what we mean by “member.” Becoming a member means stepping forward to be an official part of the family. It means that you take seriously the mission and vision of Saint Paul Lutheran Church and School and want to be an active part of the ministry team of God’s people who carry it out. In addition, as your adoptive family, it helps Saint Paul to better care for your personal needs.

Becoming an official family member involves one important step:

Attend New Member Classes


The ten-week class is offered two times per year:  Whether you have no faith/church background or are transferring from another church where you are no longer active, this is a fun-filled, interactive ten-week class geared toward helping you explore who and what we believe as a Christian Lutheran family of believers and become assimilated in what it means to be part of the family. Through this class you will meet our ministry staff and others like you who are new to Saint Paul. The membership-required class culminates with a New Member Welcome Celebration in worship.
Sunday Mornings from 10:45am – 12:15pm. The two classes a year begin late January/early February & after Labor Day weekend in September.

For more information or to enroll in the next series of classes contact the Church Office.