Dear Parents,

Welcome to our web site!

This is a great starting point in your search for a quality Christian School. At this web location you can find enrollment forms, general information, tuition and fee schedules, as well as information about our extended care program called SPECK (Saint Paul Extended Care for Kids).

We’d like to invite you to come and visit our school. Please call the school office at 847.255.6733 to set up a tour and a time to visit.

Having recently passed our school’s 100th anniversary, we realize how richly God has blessed us year after year and we pray for His continued care. With His guidance, our commitment to parents remains, as it always has been—to help your child grow spiritually, socially, emotionally, and academically in the knowledge and grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

We wish God’s blessings to your family.

All the best,

Julia Heinz

Being rooted and established in the truth and love of Jesus, we seek to grow His eternal family one life at a time.

Saint Paul has a long, rich history of providing a loving, safe, and nurturing Christian education to the community since 1922. Building relationships, not just within the classroom, but also within the community has been and continues to be a priority while providing a place of academic distinction.

Placing your child at Saint Paul Lutheran School allows you and your family to take advantage of one of the most valuable ministries of Saint Paul Lutheran Church. At Saint Paul Lutheran School, we know and love each individual child in a way that’s not always possible in today’s world. Saint Paul Lutheran School allows your children to blossom and thrive in the love of Jesus Christ while still providing them with a place of academic excellence that will prepare them for the next academic level—through enrichment and extracurricular opportunities not available in other settings—opportunities that provide confidence to impressionable children and opportunities to develop leadership skills.