The eight-fifteen bell rings and the sound of dozens of feet pounding up the stairs echoes through the halls. Soon students come panting into the classroom, always eager to be one of the first ones there. After assignment books are stamped and memory is recited, the Third Graders busy themselves with a morning page. Fourth and Fifth graders wander in to say hello and draw on the board before heading off to their respective classrooms. Once the final bell rings, the students stand, hands over their hearts, to Pledge Allegiance to our flags. The day officially begins with Luther’s Morning Prayer.

Each day here in the Intermediate Level brings an abundance of activities, lessons, learning, and fun: From David and Goliath in religion to multiplication facts in math to Shakespeare in reading to volcanoes in science, an assortment of dynamic learning experiences colors our days. Daily assignments, homework, tests, and long-term projects help students learn the basics of reading, writing, arithmetic, and so much more. Take a stroll through the Intermediate Wing to see the efforts of our work proudly displayed: Fifth Grade’s Indian Dwellings, Fourth Grade’s State Reports, and Third Grade’s Multi-Genre Biography Projects.

Learning takes place outside of the classroom as well. Every day of the week brings a “special” or two as students indulge their creative spirits and the body is educated as well as the mind: music (Those Third Graders love to play their recorders.); band (We’ll be ready for Carnegie Hall soon.); computer/enrichment (Can you guess how many ‘Flat’ miles we’ll travel this year?); art (Those self-portraits are very realistic, don’t you think?); library (We love earning Accelerated Reader points!); and P.E. (We’re always up for challenging you to a game of Never-Ending Dodgeball!) are all part of our daily lives here at Saint Paul in the Intermediate Wing.

Sometimes we take it to the streets, so to speak, and head out into the world on field trips. Throughout the year you’ll find us learning all about Bicycle Safety, taking in the arts at a Christian Youth Theatre production, diving deep into the ocean at the Shedd Aquarium, communing with the animals at the Brookfield Zoo, gazing at the stars at the Adler Planetarium, or exploring history at the Field Museum.

Our days are busy, filled with learning throughout, and when the three-fifteen bell rings, students scamper from the classrooms, heading home (their brains filled with knowledge and wisdom) or off to an after-school activity: Praise Choir, Lego League, Chess Club, Cross County, Track, Basketball, Cheerleading…

Saint Paul is more than a school, it’s a family, where children come together to experience a broad spectrum of activities taught by an amazing group of educators, all who share the love of Christ and their amazing talents through hands-on, unique learning opportunities each and every day.