Kindergarten develops children’s spiritual, cognitive, social and emotional growth-all with Christ as the center.

Children learn through play, large and small group instruction, as well as thematic centers. The goal of kindergarten is to work with the children (and their parents) to establish routines and enhance reading/phonics concepts, math discovery skills, and positive classroom work habits which foster the independence necessary for the transition to first grade.

Kindergarteners at Saint Paul will have the opportunity to experience “special” activities such as:

Tech Time:

1x per week specialized instruction and weekly tech centers.


1x per week children will check out books and have story-time with the school librarian.

Music Class:

2x per week children will receive music instruction in the Music room by the music teacher.

Motor Program:

Motor Parents-2x per week the children receive motor instruction with the help of parent volunteers. 8th Grade Motor Buddies-1x per week the children receive help from our 8th grade students.  All Motor programs are lead by our Physical Education instructor.


3x per month the children will attend Chapel with the 1st-8th grades.  1x per month with PreK.

Reading Buddies:

1x per month children will pair up with a 3rd grade student to enjoy reading stories.

We feel blessed to be able to share the word of the Lord and Jesus’ unconditional love with every child!