Saint Paul offers you and your family a warm, safe, nurturing, and structured environment for your preschool aged children in a way that is personalized for them and easy for you – a neighborhood school that offers flexible days, flexible hours, and a loving staff that will prepare your child for their future education – all with the care of Jesus’ love.

Our Preschool recognizes the need for providing an atmosphere in which we foster spiritual, social, physical, and mental growth in your young child. Knowing that children learn by being active, curious, confident, and by having divergent thinking, we provide many opportunities for varied learning experiences appropriate to the developmental level of young children. This learning will occur through daily activities, which include play, conversation, books, audio-visual materials, a wide variety of hands-on experiences, and incidental happenings.

Preschool Goals

  • To acquaint children with Jesus and His love
  • To help children establish themselves away from home
  • To broaden children’s growth experiences in all areas
  • To help children get along with others
  • To help strengthen the relationship between each family and the school and church